Our Uniqueness

       1. Boutique higher-education institute

  • We are proud to be small. We have a maximum of 50 students who we know by name rather than registration number. 


       2. UK Standards and Quality

  • Our courses, levels and assessments are aligned with Cambridge English UK and uphold the rigour and integrity of British educational standards.


       3. Market-relevant skills

  • Our carefully-crafted curriculum ensures all of our graduates obtain an advanced level of professional English and master the communication skills necessary for work and business in the 21st century..


       4. Small classes, Participatory learning

  • Maximum class size at Aspire is just ten, meaning students benefit from highly interactive lessons and receive outstanding individual attention and feedback


       5. Cultural and Artistic Enrichment

  • Our ‘Centre of Culture’ provides a rich program which replicates many of the benefits of living and studying in the UK (heritage, films, plays, dance and literature) but without the price tag!

Our Teaching 

All teachers at Aspire are experienced and highly qualified language teachers from the UK with internationally-recognized teaching qualifications.


Our teaching methods are informed by the communicative approach, meaning our classes focus on  'real' communication as it used in the world of work and business,.



1. Computer Room


The computer room contains six computers installed with specialist language learning software for independent study, practice and development.

The computers are also equipped with a wide range of audio files and video extracts to help students improve their listening skills.

2. Student Library


The student library contains  over 70 professional development books.

It reflects Aspire’s commitment to fostering a culture in which people read widely and critically for both their personal and professional development.

3. Discussion Lounge


The discussion lounge is an intimate  room used for weekly class discussions..

Students listen to a radio programme from the UK about different work-related  topics and issues and then explore through critical  discussion.

4. Private Gardens & Outdoor Lounge


Our private garden and expansive outdoor lounge is the perfect place for students to meet with colleagues, take a coffee and  prepare for professional presentations.


Our students work for well-known companies and organisations in Kigali, including:

● Bralirwa ● The UNDP ● Embassies ● ICRC ●  


Our students also come from around the world, making the centre a truly international learning environment. As well as Rwandan, our students are:

  • From Africa: Beninese, Burundian, and Cameroonian  

  • From Europe: German, Italian,  Russian and Spanish 

  • From South America: Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian

  • From Asia: Bangladeshi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

  • From the Middle East: Egyptian and Iranian

With such a wonderful mix of backgrounds, students at Aspire not only improve their communication skills, but they also develop their cultural competence..