Professional English Courses





Aspire offers high-quality and rigorous skills-based communication courses structured within an internationally-recognized proficiency framework.

Our Professional English courses develop 4 main skills:

  • Business Communication Skills

​       (emails, reports, presentations, meetings)

  • Professional Skills

​       (problem-solving, critical thinking)

  • Interpersonal Skills

​       (team work, intercultural communication)

  • High-level Language Skills

​       (reading, writing, speaking & listening)

Aspire works within an internationally-recognized proficiency framework and uses the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) to structure its levels and communication courses.

Level C2:     Master

Level C1:     Advanced

Level B2:     Upper-Intermediate

Level B1:     Intermediate

8 months of study

8 months of study

8 months of study

Level A2:     Pre-Intermediate

Level B1:     Intermediate

Level A1:     Elementary

Level A0:     Starter

We do not

offer courses

at these levels