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Intermediate Level

There are four modules at this level.


Module 1 (5 weeks): 


  • Leisure & Work-Life Balance

  • Successful Careers & Career Changes

  • Technology at Work & Working Virtually


Module 2 (5 weeks):


  • Business Travel & Tourism

  • Management & The Working Environment

  • Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility


Module 3 (5 weeks):


  • Cultural & Business Etiquette

  • Presenting Ideas & Engaging an Audience

  • Teamwork & Team Building


Module 4 (5 weeks):


  • Training & Professional Development

  • Sustainable Business & Green Practices

  • Mistakes & Customer Complaints


Module Information:


Q:  How much does one module cost?  

A:   £250 (including end-of-module exam)

Q:  What days are the classes?  

A:   Every day (Monday - Thursday)

Q:  What time are the classes?  

A:   9:00 - 11:00am

Q:  How many classes in one module?  

A:   20 classes (including exam)

Student Testimonial


Jannatul Ferdouse

"I recommend Aspire as it offers smaller classes with a learning method that will see your English skills improve significantly. Most important, the center helped me in my professional development by teaching me communication skills in subjects like business/workplace interaction, debating and presentation".

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