How to

Join a Course

In order to join a Communication Course at Aspire, all new students go through the same process.

Book an Appointment

(Saturday 9 a.m)

Firstly, you book a 60-minute appointment to visit the centre. 

You will be given a  presentation and a short tour of the centre by the Director, who will explain Aspire's level system and communication  courses and answer  all of your questions.


  • If you are 5 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled and reception will not receive you.

Take our Exam

(Sunday afternoons)

Secondly, you take our International Placement Exam.


The exam lasts 2 hours and will assess your grammar, vocabulary, reading and speaking proficiency.



  • The exam costs 50,000 Rwf,

  • A non-refundable reservation payment of 50,000 Rwf must be made to book your exam.

  • If you are 5 minutes late, your exam will be cancelled and you will lose your payment.

Join a Communication Course

Finally, you join a communication

course which is suitable for your proficiency level.


The Director of Studies will offer you a Communication Course based on your exam result. 

You will be sent an official email explaining the details of your course and the procedure and deadline for bank payment



  • All fees must be paid in full before the beginning of term.




Aspire allows you to make your payments in two ways:


  • Direct Bank Payment:

       You can make a direct payment into Aspire's bank account.

  • Bank Transfer:

       You can transfer funds into Aspire's bank account.


Please note:

Whichever payment methods you choose, you must provide our registrar with your deposit slip as proof of payment before a term begins.


Terms  & Conditions

Registration & Official Permission to Attend Classes

  • In order to be officially registered for a communication course, students must pay their fees in full.

  • Any student who does not pay their fees in full are not permitted to attend classes.


Course Cancellation & Refunds

  • Once paid, any student or company that wishes to cancel their communication course must do so in writing three working days before the beginning of the term. Thereafter, no refunds will be given.

  • A  charge of 20,000Rwf will be levied per valid cancellation..

  • Valid refunds will be made available on the fifth day of term. at 9:00am.

  • Companies are advised that no refunds are given for students who fail to attend classes.


Communication Courses and Punctuality​​

  • Afternoon classes are 5:15pm-7:45pm and Evening classes are 6:45pm-9:30pm.

  • Punctuality is extremely important at Aspire. All classes begin on time,

  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late, will not be permitted to enter the classroom.


End-of-Term Exam

  • Students who miss between 4-6 classes during the term will be required to pay 15,000RWF in order to sit for the End-of-Term exam.

  • Students who miss 7 or more classes during the term will not be eligible to sit for the  End-of-Term exam.


Data protection

  • Information held about students at Aspire Professional Communication Centre is in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

  • Clear and robust safeguards are in place to protect personal information for loss, theft and unauthorized disclosure, irrespective of the format in which it is recorded.


Promotional materials

  • Aspire Professional Communication Centre may take photographs or videos for the purposes of creating promotional marketing material. All students will be given the option to avoid being in these images.


Behaviour and Conduct

  • All students at Aspire are required to behave with respect towards classmates, teachers, members of staff, and Aspire’s property.

  • Any complaints made against a student by any other student, member of staff or member of the public will be investigated, and if Aspire decides that action is necessary, the student may be permanently excluded from the centre.

  • Any student who physically assaults, or racially or sexually harasses or abuses any other person on Aspire’s premises will be immediately and permanently excluded from the centre.


Professional Communication Centre

Kacyiru, KG 688 Street,

Kigali, Rwanda.


Tel: +250 784 230 091


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