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Advanced Level 

There are four modules at this level.


Module 1 (5 weeks):


  • Entrepreneurship & New Businesses

  • Business Strategy & Entering New Markets


Module 2 (5 weeks):


  • Consultancy & Change Management

  • Projects & Project Management


Module 3 (5 weeks):


  • Employment Trends & The Economy

  • Training & Fostering Creativity


Module 4 (5 weeks):


  • Online Business & E-Marketing

  • International Team & Conferences


Module Information:


Q:  How much does one module cost?

A:  £250 (including end-of-module exam)

Q:  What days are the classes?

A:  Every day (Monday - Thursday)

Q:  What time are the classes?

A:  3:30 - 5:30pm

Q:  How many classes in one module?

A:  20 classes (including exam)

Student Testimonial


Rene Gitangaza

"Aspire is a great place to learn and develop both linguistically and professionally. I can highly recommend the center for the teaching methods and a wide range of topics that inspire and make students more fluent when speaking on different topics."

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