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Upper-Intermediate Level 

This level has 4 modules:


Module 1:


  • Making Positive First


  • Managing People, Time

       & Culture

  • Communicating Clearly

       with Stakeholders


Module 2:


  • Giving Talks &

       Persuading an Audience

  • Identifying, Mitigating &

       Managing Risk


Module 3:


  • Making Important

       work-related Decisions

  • Dealing with Deceit

       & Dishonesty

  • Preventing Breaches of

        Security & Privacy


Module 4:


  • Reacting to News &

       Managing a Crisis

  • Giving Feedback & 

       Staff Appraisals


Student Testimonial


Maria Butenko

"Aspire is more than teaching.

It’s the centre where you learn about work, make presentations, become familiar with businesses and political situations. Aspire is the centre where you come out of your shell and discover your real potential"

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